The Author

Cliff with hat reds

My name is Cliff Eastham and I have been a devout Reds fan since 1960. I remember watching games from Crosley Field on TV and marveling at the “terrace” in the outfield. It was the only field that did not have a warning track. Frank Robinson, Vada Pinson, Gordy Coleman and Jerry Lynch were my favorite Reds players when I was a kid.

For three years I was a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. Since that title is a temporary one, my credentials made me a Senior Writer II. I moved on to the Blog Red Machine and was a Senior Staff Writer there. I stayed for almost a year until my health deteriorated and prompted my resignation.

Some days there is so much to write about you don’t know where to start. Others, you have to really press your  ear to the tracks to find something newsworthy.


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