A Case for Yadier Molina as 2013 National League MVP

25 Oct

Yadier Molina
Nobody is a clear-cut favorite to win the MVP in the National League for 2013. Some names have been bandied about, some deserving and some not. Let us start at the top. Dodger ace Clayton Kershaw is said to be a strong candidate. If you don’t think the Cy Young Award is sufficient reward then maybe he is. I never, I said never liked the idea of a pitcher getting the MVP award. Even in 2011 when Justin Verlander won both prestigious awards with a 24-5 record and an ERA of 2.40.

Kershaw had an extraordinarily good year in 2013. He was 16-9 with a 1.83 ERA and a more impressive WHIP of 0.915. CYA hands down. MVP, no thank you.

Andrew McCutchen of the wild card winning Pittsburgh Pirates gets a lot of ink as well. I think he had a fantastic year but I don’t think he was the most valuable player for his team.

I think the MVP should go to St. Louis Cardinal catcher, Yadier Molina. He played the most physically demanding position and did it exquisitely. He led the league in BA at times this year, finishing in fourth place with an excellent .319 mark. He smacked 12 HR and knocked in 80. More significantly than the offense, he led the crew of baby pitchers and took them all of the way to the NL pennant. He is without question the best defensive catcher in MLB. You can’t run on him, he threw out 43 percent of would-be-thieves this season. And a steady guide for all of those young pitchers to glean from.

I don’t think anyone in the National League was more important to their team in 2013 as Molina.

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