Could Bryan Price Be the Cincinnati Reds Next Manager ?

17 Oct

Bryan Price card
Bryan Price has never managed a professional baseball team. That is true. He has been a MLB pitching coach since 2001. Along the way he has accumulated a few awards. In 2011 he was Baseball Weekly’s Pitching Coach of the Year. In 2007 Baseball America named him Major League Coach of the Year. He joined the Cincinnati Reds’ staff in 2009 and has turned the pitching staff around. Under Dick Pole’s watch, the Reds’ pitching staff was nothing to write home about.

His name has been mentioned as a leader with Jim Riggleman for the Manager’s position vacated when the Reds fired Dusty Baker.

Players, especially pitchers have the highest regard for Price. When asked what he thought of Price being a manager, pitcher Bronson Arroyo said,

“I think he’d be unbelievable, He’s as organized as anyone in the game,

he holds people as accountable as well as anyone I’ve seen.

 He doesn’t buy into stereotypical things in the game,

things that other people buy into that I don’t feel are relevant.

Price looks at evidence. He’s a freaking smart guy,

he makes his decision on reasonable evidence.

Sometimes in baseball we go by hunches,

what someone else said or they (sic) way things have gone in the past.

He doesn’t do that.”

Reliever Sam LeCure said, “He knows all the players, which is a bonus, but it can also be a bad thing. I don’t want there to be a comfortability, I want someone to come ruffle some feathers.”

It sounds as if LeCure is intimating that the team may have been showing signs of complacency.

The positives or pros of Price being picked are his knowledge of the players and the system which is in place, including the farm system. He could essentially hit the ground running. He seems to have a Type-B personality, someone who doesn’t get overly excited which I think is a good quality for a manager to possess.

Baker has been known as a “player’s manager.” We see where that got him. The manager will have to make the hard choices, even if that makes someone feel bad. I guess Price could walk in with a ball, bat and a glove and show that to the team; then tell them that what they are and that they are going back to the basics, Vince Lombardi style. Many base running errors occurred in 2013 and those things are unforgiving.

If you take Tony LaRussa out of the mix there is not a crop of great managers to pick from. At this point in time the Reds appear to be stuck with someone’s hand-me-down or someone with no experience.

At least if Price, 51 would be the one selected, there would be no historic bad habits to rid himself of.

There have been rumors of other teams snatching Price up for a manager’s job if the Reds leave him without plucking him with the other low hanging fruit. More than one team has mentioned an interest in him.

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