Does Anyone Think David Bell is Qualified to Manage the Cincinnati Reds?

09 Oct

David Bell
Who is David Bell and why does his name continually pop-up during managerial discussions? In case it didn’t land, that was a rhetorical question. Outside of Cincinnati, his name is not quite the household word. Ever since the firing of Dusty Baker his name has been whispered in hush tones all over the internet.

I realize he is a member of the Bell family, the patriarch (Gus) of whom I was a fan. That in and of itself, doesn’t make him qualified to run a baseball squad. If I may speak candidly at the risk of being ostracized for blasphemy, he was not much of a ballplayer either. In only two of the full years which he played, was his OBP+ above average. He ended his career being 15 points under water in that same category. No All-star teams, no league leading statistics, nothing on paper validates his qualifications as a manager. I realize that many great managers were lousy players, but come on. Even Brook Jacoby had a .270 lifetime BA (who said he couldn’t hit?).

In three seasons as the manager of the Carolina Mudcats, Bell had a record of 173-238, which is approximately a 43 percent winning record. Not too good, especially for Double A. Then he took over the Louisville Bats for Rick Sweet and went 51-93 and finished 14th. Does anything look like he should be given a shot at a major league team? Well, the Cincinnati-based family, he has that going on. Charlie Sheen has been a lifelong fan of the Reds, we could look in on him. He has even pitched for Cleveland – oh that’s right that was just a movie.

How does one just go over top of a very good manager like Sweet in the pecking order? Nobody saw that coming.
There is probably a list a couple feet long of guys with higher qualifications than Bell. If the Reds would choose him, they just as well throw up the white flag and say, “s**t on it, man we give up.” That would not be a lateral move. That sir, would be full on retreating.

Writers and bloggers keep saying that the Reds haven’t contacted him (yet). That ‘yet’ implies that they will contact him sooner or later. Why? I have to know why. Are they obligated to him in some familial way. You know, the way everybody “laughs” at Uncle Leo’s jokes even after hearing them 50 times. “David is a manager and needs to be interviewed (wink, wink).”

There are a bunch of others I don’t want to see chewing on a toothpick. Don’t bring Jim Tracy, Dale Sveum or Davey Johnson. That holds true For Jerry Narron, Lou Piniella or anybody else who has managed here before. Just because someone played here and made it big, does not mean you can add water and make a manager (sorry Barry Larkin, someone had to say it).

Jim Riggleman is another story, but he would make more sense as a manager than Mr. Bell. I will probably let you know what I think about him tomorrow.

The nomination pool is starting to look so thin that Bryan Price may get the job by default.

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