Cleveland Indians Lose Interest in Slugger Jim Thome

08 Feb

Thome cardshotKen Rosenthal reported that former Cleveland Indian slugger Jim Thome is no longer on their radar. They do not wish to take up roster space with a dedicated designated hitter, which apparently is what he is reduced to at this stage in his very good career.

Thome is currently seventh on the all-time list of home run hitters in MLB with 612. He claims that he is healthy and wants to continue. He is clearly within range of surpassing No. 6 on the list, Ken Griffey, Jr who has amassed 630 in his certain Hall of Fame career.

Thome has a total of 1699 RBI (24th all time) to go along with those homers, as well as 1583 runs scored. He also has a decent slash line of .276/.402/.554 with a very good OPS+ of 147. He is seventh on the all-time list in walks with 1747.

If he would only see 200 PA this year he would pass Reggie Jackson as the MLB strikeout king. He is just 49 short now and he strikes out at the rate of 24.7 percent

The Oakland A’s are about the only team that would be a viable landing spot for the 42-year old as far as I can see. They are the only team that doesn’t have a DH listed on their depth chart. It is doubtful if a National League squad would taken him in as just a pinch hitter. At this stage of his career he goes for pennies on the dollar. He made $1.25M last season. The last three campaigns added together are only $5.75M which is a pittance considering he made $15.7M in 2008.

Thome’s next stop just might be Cooperstown.

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