If You Thought The Terrace at Crosley Field Was Steep, Look Here!

18 Jan

I wrote an article the other day on the Blog Red Machine and in it I mentioned that sometimes I wax sentimental about the ol’ park Crosley Field. I love to look at old photos of it how the terrace dares newcomers to commence the uphill battle.

It was really something, and it got me to thinking there must be other parks like that somewhere. Hold on to your hats. Look at this photo of Sulphur Dell
Sulphur Dell1

Now that is what you call a terrace. A website says this about the ol’ park.

“Right field was patrolled by “mountain goats”, not because the players had long chin hair or bucked anyone, but because right field rose on an incline of 25 feet, beginning gradually behind first then rising at a 45-degree angle for 224 feet. The hill leveled off for a 10-foot-wide shelf then continued to rise to the fence. Fielders played on this shelf. When there was an overflow capacity, rope was set up behind the shelf and fans sat on the incline that led to the fence. This reduced the distance to right field from 262 feet to 235 feet.”

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