MLB Trade Rumors: Juan Pierre to the Reds?

20 Jul

Here is a big question for you. Should the Reds trade or buy a player or two, or stand pat and work with what they have?

Sounds like an easy question to answer, doesn’t it?

You can hear the rumors bouncing off the walls. Trade for Carlos Quentin. Trade for Josh Willingham. Get Juan Pierre. How a bout Shane Victorino? Trade for Denard Span.

Those are all good players and they are all outfielders. Three of the five could be an excellent choice for a leadoff hitter which the Reds badly need.

The other two are power hitters who have already moved multiple times. Quentin is on his third team in seven years, while Willingham is on his fourth team in nine years.

Are we as Reds’ fans ready to just pack it in and start over? Not me.

Quentin is a .252 career hitter while Willingham is playing over his head right now.

If you bring in either of the two, it would facilitate taking Ryan Ludwick and Chris Heisey out of the mix. Heisey’s average is up considerably while Ludwick is without question the third best power hitter on the entire team.

I could envision bringing Pierre or Span in and putting them at the top of the batting order. In Pierre’s situation he would probably be best suited as a left fielder, which would mean moving Jay Bruce back to center field and moving Ludwick to right. With his rag-arm Pierre is only suited for left field now.

Span could start in center right now meaning Drew Stubbs would be the odd man out, and why shouldn’t he be? A leadoff hitter with an OBP of less than .300? Give me a break. He strikes out way too much and is as streaky as Jay Bruce.

Ludwick has come on strong and shown that he can be a run producer in the middle of the lineup. In his last 15 games he has a line of .286/.340/.653 with 5 HR and 8 RBI.

An addition of Willingham or Quentin at the expense of Ludwick does not pan out, I don’t care who you are. They are both right handed batters and the Reds are top heavy in that area. Span and Pierre both bat from the left side. Victorino is a switch hitter.

When your problem is getting on base you do not load up on power hitters. You look for someone who can get on base. Enter Pierre!

He has collected 200+ hits in four different seasons, leading the league in two of them. He is a career .297 hitter and has led the league in stolen bases three times. Not to mention, he is a first-class bunter.

That is my suggestion. A lineup that would look like this – before the return of Votto.

LF – Pierre,  2B – Phillips, CF – Bruce, RF- Ludwick, 1B- Frazier, 3B – Rolen, SS – Cozart, Catcher, Pitcher

They could probably pick up Pierre for a decent prospect.

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