Joey Votto’s Injury Leaves Cincinnati Reds Without a .300 Hitter

17 Jul

It is difficult to imagine a team winning a pennant, or even a division without having an active .300 hitter who is not a pitcher.

That is the hand the Reds were dealt when former MVP Joey Votto was scheduled for surgery. It is conservatively estimated that he will miss three or four weeks.

Rookie Todd Frazier played the first game of Votto’s hiatus on Monday against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Reds lost their first game sans Votto, 5-3.

Not only are the Reds without a .300 hitter, they now have one left-handed bat (Jay Bruce) on the active roster.

We shall see what kind of mettle the Reds are made of. Many teams have lost their star player and had to scramble to fill a hole that was left.

At least now there is no debate on whether Frazier or Scott Rolen should occupy the “hot” corner.

Now there is a serious need for a good leadoff hitter with a left-handed bat. Enter Juan Pierre?

Pierre is a solid slap-hitter. He gets on base, and when he is there something usually happens. He is currently sixth in the National League in stolen bases with 21. His current line is .316/.354/.385.

Where would he play? In my strategy he would play center-field and Drew Stubbs would go somewhere and learn how to hit.

I realize Pierre isn’t what he use to be, but who is? His throwing arm is just about one hair above Scott Podsednik’s but he still moves around gracefully.

Without a potent bat in the lineup the Reds are sure to be dead in the water. I don’t believe they have the wherewithal to wait until the trade deadline of July 31.

Can Dontrelle Willis play first base?

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