Todd Frazier Demoted in Favor of Alfredo Simon (AKA Waiver Waste)

05 Apr

Everyone was wondering who would be sent down to the minor leagues when RHP Alfredo Simon was plucked off the waiver wire at the 11th hour.

Is it a matter of Todd Frazier still having options remaining, or Dusty Baker still taking the veterans over the young guys?

When Juan Francisco was shipped off to Georgia the other day, most of us assumed that Frazier was the heir apparent to Scott Rolen‘s job at third base.

What we hadn’t counted on however, was the Reds taking a pitcher who had been thrown on the landfill to help fortify their broken pitching staff.

You may begin to wonder how Frazier was beaten out by the likes of Willie Harris, Wilson Valdez, and Miguel Cairo. Does it just fall back to options?

Harris had a minor league contract (like Jeff Francis), so he could have been sent down. Cairo is very dependable, experienced, and versatile. The same holds true for Valdez.

Frazier is as versatile as any of them, having the ability to play 3B, SS, 2B, 1B, and in the outfield. He now has some top level experience and arguably outplayed all  three others mentioned in camp.

As for Harris, he batted .264/.316  with no homers and eight runs knocked in. Frazier batted .291/339 with a team best five homers and 15 knocked in.

What was the need for Simon in the first instance? Jeff Francis, Andrew Brackman, Carlos Fisher, at al, are all warming in the microwave we call Louisville.

Couldn’t one of them been called up instead of snatching Simon? I realize someone would still have to be sent down, but two wrongs do not make a right. Yes?

Frazier was told Wednesday morning he had made the squad. Relieved and joyous he went about his business, only to be told of the heartbreaking news that afternoon.

About the turn of events, Baker said, “That’s a very tough move, It happened to me. I know how it feels from morning to afternoon…”

But seriously, does it all redound to the fact that Frazier has options?

At least he wasn’t traded at game time without being able to tell anyone goodbye, as Jonny Gomes was.

Paul Janish kind of got the bum’s rush as well after having his best spring ever.

Okay, time to clear our heads and get ready for the start of the season today.

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