Aroldis Chapman Will Be the Cincinnati Reds’ Fifth Starter

30 Mar

If John Fay knows something we don’t, Aroldis Chapman may very well be the No. 5 pitcher in the Cincinnati Reds’pitching rotation.

According to a tweet by Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer, “Castellini visited Jocketty in the GM box right after Chapman’s outing. Got to think he wants Chapman in the rotation.”

Now I perfectly understand that this means little, but it does give the Chapman for Starter campaign a bit of a thrust.

Fay has seen things first hand at Goodyear, most of us have not. He has heard things muttered that we have not.

Something else about the tweet—if Castellini, the owner of the Reds, wants Chapman in the rotation, don’t you think there is a strong chance that he will start the season there? I mean the Cuban’s $30 million-plus is coming out of his deep pockets, after all.

The rotation debate is centered around two pitchers—Chapman and Homer Bailey. Chapman has enjoyed an outstanding spring, while Bailey has done his best to get his ERA into double digits.

Chapman is 2-0 with a 2.12 ERA with 18 Ks in 17 innings pitched. Bailey is 1-2 with an ERA of 7.98 and has a WHIP of 1.84.

I will agree with those who say Bailey usually has a bad spring. That being said, don’t you think he should be doing his very best while he is in the fight for his life as a starter?

Chapman, the only lefty with a serious shot at the rotation, would be a nice change from the otherwise all right-handed group. Being bombarded with an all left-handed hitting lineup is monotonous and absolutely no fun to observe.

The fallout being experienced by the Reds’ pitching staff this spring has necessitated some re-thinking of plans.

Ryan Madson was scheduled to be the closer for the team, but has experienced a season-ending injury that will require surgery. Setup man Nick Masset will begin the season on the shelf. Bill Bray has pitched little due to his health issues.

Some have called for Chapman to be the closer, but anyone with baseball acumen should see that Sean Marshall is the most qualified for that position.

I see Bailey being thrown to the bullpen, and Chapman starting the fifth game of the season. It’s hard to imagine how it will progress from there, but that would be a good starting point.

Chapman is the hardest thrower in MLB history and has done all he was asked to do.

It looks like Chapman’s time has come.

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