MLB Trade Rumors: Cincinnati Reds to Trade Travis Wood to Cubs for Sean Marshall

21 Dec

Here we go again!

According to Bruce Levine of ESPN, the Cincinnati Reds are poised to hand over southpaw starter Travis Wood and two minor league pitchers to the Chicago Cubs for reliever Sean Marshall.

Apparently, Marshall would become part of an already crowded setup group that includes Logan Ondrusek, Nick Masset and Bill Bray. Aroldis Chapman could be thrown into the mix (although the scuttlebutt is that there are still plans for him to become a starter).

At first glance, it would seem that Wood for Marshall would be nothing more than a wash—a lateral move for both teams.

Wood experienced the proverbial sophomore jinx in 2011 and as a result did a good amount of time at Triple A Louisville. He has good stuff, as evidenced by his near-perfect game against the Philadelphia Phillies in 2009. He carried a perfect game into the ninth inning before losing it to a double by catcher Carlos Ruiz.

In his two seasons, he has compiled an 11-10 record with an ERA of 4.18. He was projected to be in the running for a position in the starting rotation for the Reds in 2012.

Marshall is a starter-turned-reliever with six MLB seasons under his belt. He owns a career record of 32-40 with an ERA of 3.96.

Marshall will make $3 million in 2012 and is set to be a free agent at the end of the season. Does that mean the Reds are flushing Wood and only renting Marshall?

Just asking.

Unless the Reds are going to use Marshall as a closer, I don’t feel the Reds management has done much to solidify their staff. His 34 holds last season was second-best in the major leagues among southpaws. Maybe other pitcher acquisitions are on the horizon.

The deal is said to be close to final.


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