MLB Trade Rumors: Cincinnati Reds GM Walt Joketty Is Sitting on His Thumbs

10 Dec

Why in the name of Great Caesar’s Ghost hasn’t Reds GM Walt Jocketty even come close to a deal-signing this winter (I know it’s not winter yet)?

The teaser that he shot out about Huston Street for Edinson Volquez really got the juices flowing, but now look at it. Street is off to San Diego to clean up messes that Heath Bell has been cleaning for five years.

From everything I have been reading, Joketty has been trying to move Yonder Alonso as if he was stolen merchandise that he didn’t want to be caught with. Why?

Alonso has real potential. Did you see what I just wrote? Real potential. That stuff doesn’t show up in your ballpark everyday. Is it worth a closer with a career ERA+ of 206, a career WHIP of less than 1.00 and a K:BB ratio of about 3.5/1?

I say when you have Joey Votto at first base and are in dire need of a reliable closer, then yes, you make that deal happen. Andrew Bailey of Oakland is only 27, a former Rookie of the Year and an All-Star. He should be taking Coco’s closing job.

With all of the young talent waxing fresh from the farm, the Reds should be good to go, but they are not.

Is Chris Heisey relegated to a lifelong relief role? Is he destined to be Jerry Lynch (pinch hitter from the sixties for anyone not knowing) with only an obligatory start along the way?

I read where the Muckety Mucks were trying to make a deal for Josh Willingham (journeyman)—don’t need him. Former Red Cody Ross is among the water-cooler scuttlebutt.

He is a very decent defensive player and he has a lot of pop in his bat. He was in a Reds uniform back in 2006 for a total of two games before he was shipped out to Florida. I think he would be a fine acquisition, but again, what is wrong with Heisey?The pitching is the thing—you know, the thing they need. Back end of the bullpen pitching. With all due apologies to Aroldis Chapman, he does not possess the makeup of a closer. The man should be a starting pitcher now.

A solid starting pitcher is needed in the worst way. I watched Mark Buehrle sign a $58 million deal with the Miami Marlins (that is going to take some getting used to). C.J. Wilson decided to hitch onto Albert Pujols’ wagon and go to California.

Good pitchers are still on the block. I heard rumors of a Jair Jurrjens trade with Atlanta. Perhaps for Heisey, Volquez and a stiff to be named later. I could probably live with that. Jurrjens is destined for stardom.

So in closing, I say to Jocketty: “Get off your keester and make some deals, worthwhile deals. No 38-year-old CF or a lifetime .240 hitter. They are there, find them.”


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